Sits on the Cloud
Don’t pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to a software company who wants to build a “custom solution”. Don’t worry about keeping a database filled with Zip/Postal Codes up-to-date with a subscription.
Geosprawl Cloud Technology

Cloud Based

The Geosprawl hosted cloud solution is the fastest way to get a store locator, dealer locator, or product finder running on your website.

The Geosprawl Store Locator Sits On The Cloud

Cloud Technology is the newest architectural revolution to hit the internet these days. This is GeoSprawl Cloud Technology and is a hosted, web-based solution, that enables all companies to stay connected to their data whenever and wherever they'd like! Why is a cloud-based solution better? Simply put, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your organization's Online Locator Software.


With GeoSprawl Cloud Technology as long as you have an internet connection, and a web browser, you can access the full functionality of your online store locator information.


GeoSprawl Cloud Technology is simple to setup and configure and your new store locator software can be created instantly and be up and running within minutes of using our Sign-up page. Immediately login and begin taking advantage of this SAS (software-as-a-service) solution. With our cloud technology, there's nothing to install or maintain. Your data is safe in the GeoSprawl Cloud and can be accessed 24x7.


Our cloud technology allows organizations large and small alike to be able to benefit from the full functionality and professional store locator software without the up front hardware and software costs that traditional systems often require. Pay for the software on a month to month basis with no hidden fees or expensive setup and configuration fees. GeoSprawl is a turn-key solution. Simply sign-up and complete the one page registration form, and immediately have access to your very own store locator software.


Have custom store locator software up and running in minutes.

  1. Pick your plan and Sign Up.
  2. Login, enter your locations and customize your zip code locator search options.
  3. Copy a small block of html into an HTML5 Embed tag on your business web site. Done!